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Lucy Germein

Senior Speech Pathologist

Since graduating in 2013, Lucy has worked extensively with children and adults in a wide range of environments. These  include private practice, hospitals (Modbury Hospital, Calvary Adelaide, Lyell McEwin) and Minda Assist Therapy. In addition to her clinical work,  Lucy supports and mentors staff in both clinical and administration roles. Lucy is the practice director. In addition to client and business management,  Lucy is working on the development of the new clinic. She is currently not taking on new clients.

Training updates include

* Resilient Kids Conference in September 23

* SOS Approach to Feeding Conference in November 23

*Literacy Guarantee Conference January 24

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Jami Weinel

 Senior Speech Pathologist

Jami enjoys working with both paediatric and adolescent clients with varied communication needs across a range of settings. She is passionate about supporting children and their families to become confident communicators and to empower them to reach their true potential. Jami loves fitness and is a talented hockey player. She also has an adorable pet rabbit, Henry. Jami works full time with AASP.

Training updates include

​* SOS Approach to Feeding Conference in November

*‘Learn to Play Therapy – Part 1: Foundation’ March 24

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Verity McIntosh

 Senior Speech Pathologist

Verity has 10 years experience working with adults who have communication and/or swallowing difficulties. She has worked across acute hospital and rehabilitation settings. This included 6 years in the stroke and neurology, neurosurgery and general medicine units at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Verity is a qualitied SPEAK OUT!® and LOUD Crowd® provider and offers this program to patients with Parkinson’s Disease.


Her special interest areas include:

*stroke related changes to swallow, speech, language , voice and/or cognition.

*Neurodegenerative conditions, in particular Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease and Dementia

Training updates include

*AAC/voice banking

*Parkinson's Education Seminar (hosting) Nov 23

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Alinka Krol

 Senior Speech Pathologist

Alinka has 20 years’ experience working with clients with communication, cognition and swallowing difficulties as a result of stroke and other conditions.  Alinka also works with children and adolescents. She is very passionate about supporting clients to achieve functional goals and work towards meaningful participation within their family and community.

Her special special interest areas are aphasia rehabilitation as well as language development and literacy with paediatric clients. Alinka is also a mum to two boys and a fur baby Groodle called Kacper.

Training updates include

* Resilient Kids Conference in September 23

* Evidence-based approaches to understanding and managing paediatric feeding disorders (Oct 2023)

* Working effectively with Australian multilingual children (Nov 2023)

*AAC in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations (Nov 2023)

* Developing sentence complexity in written expression (Jan 2024)

* Principles and potential of collaborative interventions (Feb 2024)

* Paediatric Feeding Learning Framework (Feb 2024)

* Working memory: what’s the state of play? (March 2024)

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Julie Tan

 Senior Speech Pathologist

Julie has over 20 years’ experience working with adults who have communication and swallowing disorders. Julie’s special interest area is adult dysphagia. She predominantly works with adult disability clients. Julie provides a mobile service. She visits supported accommodation, homes, aged care and day option facilities. Julie runs training programs for support workers, organisations and families.  Julie can speak Cantonese. She is an avid dog lover. Julie currently has capacity.

Training updates include

* Current Topics in Dysphagia Rehabilitation

* The Evidence & Efficacy of Carbonation:  A Sensory Enhancement Strategy (SES) in Dysphagia Management.

*Pros & Cons of Thickening Liquids for Patients with Dysphagia

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Georgie Bezzina

 Senior Speech Pathologist

Georgie enjoys working with paediatric, adolescent and adult clients with a variety of communication difficulties. She enjoys building a positive rapport with her clients and their families to best support them in developing their skills. 


Georgie has a special interest in supporting clients in developing their social, language and executive functioning skills. She enjoys organising group therapy sessions and events where clients can work on developing their skills to assist them in forming friendships and connections in the community. 


In her spare time, Georgie enjoys hiking and spending time at the beach.

Training updates include

*Executive Functioning and its role in literacy development

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Haylee Arnott

 Senior Speech Pathologist

Haylee enjoys providing services using an individualised and warm approach to paediatric and adolescent clients presenting with a range of communication needs. She loves building strong therapeutic relationships with her clients and their families and working collaboratively with the child’s team to support them in being confident communicators in all settings. Haylee loves reading books, travelling, dogs, coffee at cute cafes and the gym.


Haylee is new to AASP in January 2024 and is currently taking on new clients. Haylee is especially keen to take on mobile clients in the South of Adelaide.

Training updates include

*SOS Approach to Feeding conference in November, 2023


Zanni Lengs

Office Manager/accounts

Zanni balances studying physiotherapy with managing the accounts and practice management. Zanni also has a teaching degree and background in recruitment/HR. Her business knowledge and health background are exceptional and AASP is incredibly lucky to have her skills. Zanni regularly optimises the functionality of our software and operational systems. She is a wonderful asset to the team. 

Jessica Iacocca

 Administration Office/Speech Pathology Student

Jessica balances studying speech pathology with office administration duties. She is enthusiastic and proactive with her work and is a pivotal member of the AASP team. Jessica is enjoying observing therapy and attending personal development events with our staff. She is incredbly passionate about speech pathology and learning the operational skills behind running a successful speech pathology practice. Jessica works remotely Monday -Thursday. Should you wish to meet her,  Jessica works in the clinic on a Friday. She would be happy to meet with you and assist with any questions. 

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